Stucco Installation

Stucco Installation For Home Improvement

There are many different types of Stucco finishes. All of them offer some level of protection to the home as well as adding visual appeal. You can choose from a broad price spectrum, from shallow end finishes that only add a decorative touch to very high-end finishes that are incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting. They come in many various shades of colors as well. There is such a broad price spectrum that you will be spoil for choice and will be amazed at the great options available to you. Let’s take a look at how Stucco can improve your home.

Stucco Installation

With the help of professional Stucco Contractors Tampa FL the installation process provides a very durable barrier to the elements. This can be combined with a vinyl siding or brickwork finish to create a solid wall. If you live by the coast or in an area with harsh weather conditions, Stucco can provide added protection from the sea salt spray and other elements that the climate can bring. You will often find Stucco being used on the first and second story floors of high-rise buildings to strengthen the structure. It can also be used to protect basement floors from damage caused by water leaks and other issues.

Stucco is usually applied as a binder to wooden substrates such as brick or stone. If it is to be applied to concrete, it is normally mixed with a solvent prior to being applied. The stucco is solid at first but gets hard when it is exposed to heat, so a bond is needed to the underlying concrete before stucco is applied. Once the stucco has been applied, the final step of drying will take place over the next two weeks. This can be a lengthy process depending on how much work needs to be completed and the amount of time it will take to dry the area completely.

The traditional method of Stucco installation is to apply it directly to the wall with a brush or roller. However, certain areas will need additional assistance to apply the material. For example, the tops of walls will often require additional stucco applied around the entire outer perimeter of the wall. In addition, corners may require additional mortar to keep the stucco straight and dry. The application process for these areas can be done by hand or can be accomplished by using scaffolding. Scaffolding can be expensive, however, and is generally only required if the site is large enough that it will not be cost effective to hire employees to complete the task in addition to using traditional methods.

If the job is to be undertaken by a company or an individual, the cost of hiring employees to complete the work will play a big role in the overall cost of the project. Most companies will opt to hire professionals to complete this type of work because doing it themselves can be extremely time-consuming. Even with the assistance of a professional, applying stucco can be a lengthy process and may still not be cost effective for most homeowners. In many cases, homeowners may decide to hire an individual to complete the repairs because they are unsure about the process involved or they do not wish to take on the expense of hiring professionals.

Installing a new stucco system on the exterior of a home requires more than just hammering the surface into place. In order to cover the area of the wall with stucco, it will need to be properly caulked and covered with mortar. Over time, this will allow the new stucco to cure and solidify. This process also allows homeowners to choose the color and pattern of their new stucco system. There are a number of different colors and patterns available for a homeowner to choose from.

A homeowners’ option for repairing a damaged area of the exterior is to repair the area with a one-coat application process. One-coat stucco applications will not last as long as two-coat stucco applications, but they are far more durable and do not need to be painted. The one-coat application process is a quick and easy way to repair areas of the exterior without having to wait for the cement to harden. When the exterior is repaired with a one-coat application, all that is needed to finish the project is one layer of sealing and another layer of stucco or siding. The final layer of siding or cement will be covered with a final sealant that will protect the repair from weathering and the elements.

Stucco is a popular option for many homeowners who are interested in revamping their homes. Stucco installation is a quick and easy way to achieve a new look for a damaged area of the exterior. Homeowners will find that the look and durability of stucco make it a popular choice for many projects. No matter the size of the project or the style of the structure, the appearance of a new stucco surface can turn an old building into a modern-day masterpiece.